Written by: Marcus Davis | 01/23/2018 - Co-Founder, CEO, Apex Sports


Confident but Patient

Transitioning from High School to College Football is more challenging mentally than physically.

Players who have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level were most likely one of the best players on their High School team. As these players enter the world of College Football as Freshman, they will quickly realize that they are now playing with and competing against grown men with multiple years of College Football training under their belt.

The key to dealing with this new challenge is for Freshman to be confident in their ability yet patient with the development process. Although they may not immediately be the best player on the team, they need to remember that they were given the opportunity to play there for a reason and they belong there.

Freshman players need to be patient with the physical and mental development process and trust that with time and commitment, they too will have the opportunity to contribute and compete at a high level like they did in High School.

Keeping this in mind is difficult to do but will make a world of difference in transitioning to the collegiate level.

Study The Playbook Religiously

The playbook at the College level is 10X more complex than in High School.

This can often prevent Freshman players that are physically ready to make an impact on the field from getting playing time. College coaches will always give the nod to the slightly less talented player that they can trust will be in the right place at the right time over the more talented player who doesn't know the playbook.

Learning the playbook takes significant time and effort but is one of the best ways for Freshman to separate themselves from the other players in their class and earn a spot on the field.

For the players that may not have all of the physical tools, learning the playbook like the back of their hand can be a way to level the playing field. Freshman should study their playbook every night and meet with their position coach as much as they can to ask questions.

This will also show the coaches commitment which will get Freshman one step closer to moving up the depth-chart.

Physical Development

When Freshman begin their College Football careers it is expected that they will be physically under-developed in comparison to the upperclassmen.

That being said, a true commitment to the nutritional and strength and conditioning programs that the coaches provide will go a long way in making the transition smooth.

Working as hard as possible in these areas will accelerate the physical development process and give Freshman the opportunity to compete with the older players more quickly. Freshman should set goals with the help of their positional and strength coaches that will allow them to be physically ready to compete.

Once the goals are set and the coaches' expectations are clear, Freshman should attack these goals day in and day out.  Again, this doesn't happen overnight and will take trust and patience with the process but truly committing to developing physically will give Freshman a better chance of getting on the field and making an impact.

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