Written by: Connor Morris | 01/23/2018 - Co-Founder, CMO, Apex Sports


Apex Sports’s has a passion for helping young athletes get better on the field, which leads to many key benefits off the field. Aside from the general benefits – stress relief, better physical health, working with others, and everything in between – football provides benefits that not many other sports do. The unique drills required to practice football that reap such individualized benefits are what Apex Sports aims to help athletes with. To be successful, football players have to understand the details of the game. Apex Sports provides courses with professional athletes explaining not only what they have learned but exactly how young athletes can develop the same skill. These courses can be accessed anywhere – on a laptop or phone, on the field or at home – so that athletes can start their football success anytime. The benefits of football are extensive, but there are five that are unique to the sport and not often discussed.

1. Interval Training

A main health benefit of football that isn’t as prevalent in other sports is the benefits of interval training. Interval training is when athletes practice varying exercises in intervals – quick periods of high intensity cardio followed by short periods of low intensity recovery - for a maintained period of time. By participating in interval training as a form of practice, football players are highly involved in cardio. The health benefits of consistent cardio range from having more energy, to strengthening the heart and lungs. Therefore, they have a lesser chance of developing both heart disease and high blood pressure. Interval training is also a great way to increase stamina, footwork, and speed; all crucial to being an effective and successful athlete.

2. Cross Training

Even though the season isn’t year-round, football is a year-round sport. In the offseason, players take to the gym, the outdoors, training camps, and self-motivation to practice and better their skills. The obvious health benefit of this is learning how to push yourself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; something that is more difficult to do in today’s world of distractions.

3. Build Bone Mass

In order to play the sport they love, football players must maintain a high protein and carbohydrate diet. Combining this with intense strength training builds bone mass, which isn’t a key attribute in many other sports. The benefits of this during adolescence is crucial, where not enough protein and calcium can lead to an unhealthy life. The health benefits of youth football are unparalleled for this reason.

4. Build High Endurance

During both practice and actual games, football is a very start and stop sport. Meaning that players go from sprinting 5 yards, to defending, to lining up again, all very quickly. The nature of football quickly builds an athletes endurance unlike most other sports. As an athlete continues to play, his/her endurance continues to build and yields the obvious health benefits of football.

5. Playing Safe

It’s well known that football is a very hands-on sport; from defending to being tackled, bumps and bruises are inevitable. Because of the nature of the sport, however, football players gain a better knowledge of practicing and playing safely. Through online courses, Apex Sports aims to help athletes learn the specifics of their positions. From linebacker Joshua Perry teaching safe tackling techniques to offensive linemen Storm Norton teaching proper body position and hand placement, Apex Sports provides the tools and insight to play safe and successful football. The flip side of practicing safely is the accidents that sometimes occur. Because of this football players are mentally tough. A major and often forgotten mental health benefit of football is learning to persevere through tough situations.

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