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Written by: Marcus Davis | 01/03/2018 - Co-Founder, CEO, Apex Sports


Technique Is Key

The recruiting process can be extremely frustrating for athletes and their parents.

Too often do we see talented prospects go overlooked because they don't pass the "eye test" or run a fast enough 40 yard dash.

That being said, the major emphasis on 40 time isn't going away and athletes and their parents need to realize that it is going to play a significant role in their level of recruitment.

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For athletes like me who can't seem to get their 40 time down, all is not lost.

Technique is the key to overcoming a slow 40 time.

Being the most technically sound player will give you an edge on faster players on the field and in the recruiting process. It will allow you to consistently win on the field and in front of college coaches at camps. In my situation, I was a 5'10" 175 pound Wide Receiver with a 4.7 40 time. These attributes gave me slim to no chance of earning a full Division 1 scholarship.

I was able to overcome these odds by perfecting the technical aspects of my position and taking speed out of the equation for college recruiters.

If you are consistently winning 1 on 1 battles, college coaches are forced to take notice and put your 40 time on the back burner. Technique is the key when speed is not on your side.

Due to the fact that most athletes and their parents going through the recruiting process focus on improving speed alone, it gives slower guys like us an opportunity. Master the little details of your position that your competition will overlook. Be so technically sound that no matter how fast your competition is, you can't be stopped and college coaches can't overlook you.

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Receivers: run the most precise routes possible. Linebackers: learn how to shed every block that comes your way. Being technically sound is unique to each position but it can make a world of difference on the field and in the recruiting process. This will not happen over night and requires hard work, attention to detail and an understanding of the game.

College coaches will take notice of this and it will give you the best chance of reaching your goals regardless of your 40 time.

Most freshman players come into college extremely raw and with little understanding of the game. Use this to your advantage to get a leg up on the competition.

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