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Written by: Marcus Davis | 09/17/2018 - Co-Founder, CEO, Apex Sports


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Offensive Lineman that want to reach the next level need to be effective in run and pass protection. Watch the video below to learn what NFL Offensive Lineman Donavon Clark focuses on to be successful in pass protection, specifically when facing an inside move.

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A key to being effective in pass protection is to be aware of your defender's alignment prior to the snap. Often times, the defensive lineman's alignment will be a major indicator for which direction he will go when the ball is snapped. For example, a defender lining up with a tight or head up three-technique often means that there will be a stunt or a blitz on that play.

Donavon explains that staying balanced is key to winning the block, especially when facing an inside move. Staying low while making short, choppy steps will give you the best chance to win the block. Long steps will allow the defender to easily catch you off balance and make a play on the ball.

Making contact with the defender first is key for offensive lineman in pass protection. Striking first will give you the best chance of winning the block. If you aren't able to make first contact, Donavon explains that it is essential to stay calm and quickly knock the defender's hands off of you and immediately make a proper strike.

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