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Written by: Connor Morris | 10/17/2018 - Co-Founder, CMO, Apex Sports


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As an offensive linemen, you must be continuously active with your hands. Switching up your hand combinations is an effective way to prevent the defender from beating you at the line. If you can effectively mix up your hand combinations, it will be difficult for your defender to know what moves to use. At lower levels of competition, you may be able to rely on size to beat defenders, but as you move up to higher levels of competition, good movement with your hands along with strong footwork will help you beat higher level defensive linemen more consistently. This shows college scouts that you can’t be exploited as easily.

Here, Storm Norton shows us hand combinations to use on defenders. When the defender is coming outside, you want your first step to be a quick outside step while leading with your outside hand and finish the move up by hitting the defender inside. On the contrary, when the defender starts inside, you will lead with your inside foot and hit the defender with your inside hand at the same time. You always want your first movements with your feet and hands to line up or you could risk losing your balance.

Defensive linemen will typically move from outside to inside or vice versa if they initially get stuffed. It is important to keep awareness when the player switches direction and show quick hands in order to hit the defender first. When the defender shifts from inside to outside, you must account for this by changing your hand combinations. This means that moving from outside to inside blocking requires starting with an outside-inside punch and then quickly moving your feet inside and finishing with an inside-outside punch. Being able to switch these hand combinations quickly and powerfully gives you a step up on the defender and keep him in front of you.

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