Tyvis Powell DB (Fundamental)


Tyvis Powell’s Fundamental Level Defensive Back Training Package

Through 26 Defensive Back specific training videos, Tyvis Powell will teach you:

  • 5 ladder drills that help Defensive Backs improve their footwork and become a lockdown Defender (6 videos)

  • 3 different drills focused on developing fluid hips for pass coverage (4 videos)

  • 2 different break angles that allow Defensive Backs to make big plays when the ball is in the air (4 videos)

  • 3 drills that give Defensive Backs the ability to track the football and rack up interceptions (4 videos)

  • 2 drills focused on eye discipline while in pass coverage (3 videos)

  • 3 drills that allow Defensive Backs to make safe and effective tackles (4 videos)


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