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Written by: Connor Morris | 09/28/2018 - Co-Founder, CMO, Apex Sports


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Offensive Lineman that want to reach the next level need to be able to block second level defenders. Watch the video below to learn what drill NFL Offensive Lineman Storm Norton uses to practice blocking linebackers and safeties.

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In this drill, which Storm calls the “Airbag drill”, you begin in your stance with a partner several yards away from you with an airbag. You will then move towards your partner preparing to engage in a block, just like you would move towards a linebacker or safety in the second level beyond the line.

Once you get close, your partner will attempt to go either right or left around you. Whichever way your partner chooses to go, it is important that you step out first with that foot. For example, if the defender tries to go to your right, step out with your right foot first. This will allow you to stay in front of the defender, while also keeping a strong base. You never want to step under yourself, or cross your feet over because this will allow the defender to easily push you off balance and get by you.

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