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Being able to effectively beat press coverage as a wide receiver is an absolute necessity. Although man-to-man press coverage isn't the most common defensive technique at the high school level, young wide receivers should expect to face it on the camp circuit and certainly when they reach the collegiate level. With this in mind, being able to effectively and consistently beat press coverage will increase a high school wide receiver's chances of standing out from the competition and earning a scholarship. Receivers need to have many different types of releases in their repertoire in order to keep the defender guessing and be effective. Watch the video below to learn one release, the speed release, from NFL wide receiver Tavarres King.

Using the hands properly is a key to beating press coverage. This will allow wide receivers to keep a cushion and keep the defender's hands down in order to avoid getting jammed at the line.

Tavarres King uses his favorite release, the speed release, when the defender is on his heels, has a tendency to hop when the ball is snapped, or when Tavarres believes he is faster than him. Understanding when to use each release and why is extremely important for wide receivers to consistently beat press coverage.

When the ball is snapped, the first thing Tavarres does is make a small step with his inside foot. At this time, the defender will typically shoot his hands towards the receiver in efforts of jamming him at the line of scrimmage. Immediately following the small step with the inside foot, the receiver needs to drop his inside shoulder as low as possible while accelerating up-field and outside of the defensive back. This will allow the receiver to avoid contact when the defender shoots his hands and cleanly release from the line of scrimmage.

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