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Written by: Marcus Davis | 10/23/2018 - Co-Founder, CEO, Apex Sports


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The best wide receivers at the high school, college and professional levels all have one thing in common; elite route running. Being a technician when it comes to route running will allow an undersized or less speedy receiver to win consistently and can make a receiver with all of the physical tools virtually unguardable. In this preview of his wide receiver training package, former NFL wide receiver and college WR coach, Reggie Germany, teaches you one of the most important elements of route running; transitioning in and out of your breaks.

Reggie believes the most difficult routes to perfect are 45 degree, hard angle cuts. Examples of these cuts include the curl route or the comeback route. A key to efficiently transitioning out of 45 degree cuts and avoiding potential groin pulls is to slightly angle your body as your approach your route depth.

In the past, receivers were taught to keep their bodies angled directly forward prior to making their breaks. Reggie takes an innovative approach to coaching transitions by using a slight turn prior to making the break. This allows for receivers to be more explosive out of their break by creating a direct path back to the quarterback.

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Often time, receivers solely focus on transitioning out of their breaks with their lower body and neglect the upper body technique that is necessary. While making a transition, Reggie explains that it is important for the receiver to keep his or her arms moving the entire time. If the receiver drops the arms when making the transition, this is an indicator to the defender that the receiver is going to make a break which will allow for the defender to make a break on the football.

Receivers must also use their upper body to be explosive when coming out of their breaks. In order to do this, Reggie explains that the receiver needs to aggressively rip the elbow towards their rib-cage when making the transition. This will get the receiver's body turned back towards the quarterback most efficiently and will give the defender less time to react and make a play on the football.

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